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You Can Call Me An Alcoholic I Call It A Damn Good Time
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25th-Mar-2008 09:32 am - Bored

All I Need
Awesome Graphics and Myspace Layouts at pYzam.com

2nd-Oct-2007 11:10 pm - Looking Around
Well lately I have had the urge to look around at new houses, no real reason, just that I can I guess.  To see whats around at the moment and keep our eyes out, thinking or finding our own place, you know one where we dont have to SHARE a bloody washing machine (mind you they are doing reno's in the laundry at the moment so hopefully they put some new ones in.

Anyways thats it for now, pretty boring really, back to work tomorrow for 5 days oh yay, oh and finally pay day YAY
6th-Aug-2007 04:41 pm(no subject)
~ List 7 quirks/facts/things about yourself
~ Tag 7 people to do the same

I was tagged by mummy2kianna

1.  I love Kick, Shameless, NCIS, all the CSI's, Crossing Jordon, Neighbours, Reba
2. Adicted to coffee (especially fancy ones from the coffee shop, but I get them 1-2 times a fortnight)
3. I like to sit back and relax reading a good book
4. I love to cook, fancy, simple, sweet, savory anything
5. I am currently studying Cert III Business and interesting in contnuing my studies in that area
6. I hate stress, the stress seems to stress me out even more and make me sick
7. I hate back stabing liers

I don't have anyone to tag....
7th-Jun-2007 10:26 pm(no subject)
Well I have now found a few Bridesmaid Dresses that I like, what is your opinion?

Dress A - I like the style and colour of this, and yes I realise it depends on the bridesmaids and what is also going to suite them.

Dress B - Now this style is so pretty, and would suite the dress that I was interested in the last post.

Dress C - I love this style, I think it would also be a nice wedding dress, the only thing I don't really like is the fact there are no sleeves and well frankly they don't suite me.

Dress D - How beautiful is this colour, oh my god I have so fallin inlove with this dress for the colour, I seen something like this colour that is in a Myer catolouge recently, I have been trying to tell Justin I will get something in this colour for my wedding dress hahaha

Dress E -  how gorgeous is this colour and style?

Dress F -  A simple design

Dress G - I think this one would go really well with the style of wedding dress I am interested in

Dress H - Don't really like this colour, yuck, but the style is really nice

Dress I - love this, I think having something like this as a wedding dress (different colour though) would be so nice, especially for a garden wedding

Dress J - how beautiful is this dress, love th colour and the style, think would be a fantastic bridesmaid dress

Dress K - Simple

one of my favorites are G and J, especially matched up with the wedding dress I am interested in, love to hear your comments.
5th-Jun-2007 07:23 pm - New LiveJournal Profile
Well you may be wondering why I have a new LiveJurnoul profile, well because there where (some how) people I didn't want on my friends list that well frankly I didn't even know where, and things were getting twisted, personal things I prefer family not to know where getting back to my mother all muddled up.  So I will from now on be keeping an eye on who my friends are on the profile and only accepting certain people.
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